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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~Five students at sports school get beaten up~....GERAM BETUL .....

GERAM BETUL..Nape Ler Budak Zaman Sekarang Ni Gengster Sangat...Kesian dengan adikku ZIZI AZWAN, tak pasal-pasal kene pukul, nasib baik dia tak cedera parah...Masya Allah minta dijauhkan perkara-perkara sebegitu....Diriku berharap agar pada si pembuli-pembuli tu akan dikenakan tindakan yang tegas supaya kejadian serupa ini tidak akan berulang semula....


Five students at sports school get beaten up

By Ajitpal Singh and Fadhal A. Ghani
KUALA LUMPUR: Five Form Three students of the Bukit Jalil Sports School were allegedly assaulted with hockey sticks and a hose by their seniors after hockey practice on Tuesday.
The victims -- T. Athitsha, Zizi Azwan Hassan Basri, Muhd Fitri Jasni, Hashim Harun and Ahmad Ashraf Alias -- were taken to the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre by their parents, who later lodged a report at the Sungai Besi police station.

The assault allegedly took place twice after the five returned from training at the nearby National Sports Council (NSC).

The boys' parents claimed that the senior players, some of whom were in the Project 2013 squad, were instigated by a school official.
According to them, the official was unhappy with the younger players training outside the school.

Athitsha's father, S. Tamilchelvam, said the parents would also lodge complaints with the Youth and Sports Ministry, Education Ministry and the NSC.

"We want to see those concerned punished accordingly. If guilty, these students must be expelled," he said at a press conference at the KLHA Hockey Stadium yesterday.

Tamilchelvam claimed that his son and the other victims had received consent from school principal Marina Chin to train on their own during the school break and on weekends.

"Although they were given permission, the (official) did not like the idea and had even threatened them twice before.

"Bukit Jalil Sports School is a premier school for national junior athletes. My son's dream is to represent the country one day and he joined the school in the hope of achieving this. Stern action must be taken."

Tamilchelvam said he rushed to the school after receiving an anonymous call from a student. "My son and the other four were in pain in their rooms. I even questioned one of the assailants and he admitted to the assault. In anger, I slapped him."

Fitri said the group was summoned by one of the seniors to a room about 9am on Tuesday and were assaulted.

"Ahmad Asyraf and I were their main targets. We were punched, kicked and hit with hockey sticks and a rubber hose in the legs and on the back for almost an hour.

"We were spared at 10am as we had an appointment with a teacher, but they warned us not to complain.

"But on returning, we were abused again. It stopped around 1.30pm."

Chin and other senior assistants declined to comment on the matter, but acting Cheras police chief Superintendent Abdul Rahim Hamzah Othman confirmed that a police report had been lodged.

He said the case had been classified as causing hurt.

Sumber : NST

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